Featured Artist: Sculptress Shahana Khan

Karachi based sculptress Shahana Khan takes us through her creative journey and how she uses surrealism and melancholy as common themes in most of her hand made pieces. For her, art is a form of healing as well as an escape. Using elements of nature such as marine life, fungi, mushrooms and of course--the human self, she creates pieces that are relatable, intriguing and complex.

Shahana in her studio
 Shahana in her studio 

 'Monotony of Emotions' currently on display at Kayal Karachi till December 12th, 2020.


Artist's Statement

"This installation is my take on how stagnant our emotions becomes when we are facing depressive episodes. The red depicts the happiness we are surrounded by but choose not to see. Whether deliberately or not. The faces show how disassociated we become from our own selves that we forcefully stay in these emotional states and our expressions at one point become mere facades of our hollow selves."


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