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Honeycomb Candle

Honeycomb Candle

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Burn Time: 5 to 6 hrs with hemp candle wick.


100% Pakistani beeswax honeycomb candles are made for moments that matter. Thoughtfully hand-rolled with local beeswax. light surface imperfections are embraced.

Beeswax candles smell divine and burn slowly. The use of hemp wicks ensures a cleaner longer and more environmentally friendly burn.

Beeswax is the cleanest, brightest and longest-burning candle wax. Unlike many other candles, burning beeswax actually purifies the air while emitting a subtle scent reflective of the nectar and honey stored in the honeycomb (it takes 10kgs of honey to make 1 kg of beeswax) - the scent will vary depending on what wildflowers the bees were pollinating. Choosing to burn beeswax also helps the environment, as it is a natural and renewable resource.

Each purchase helps us continue to fund honeybee research and production in Pakistan.

Comes as a pair of 2 candles. 

*Stand not included

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