Dari Mooch

Beard shampoo


Dari Mooch beard shampoo was designed from the ground up specifically for beards.Don’t use regular shampoo. There’s a difference between regular shampoo that you use on your hair and beard wash specifically made for beards. Beard hair is androgenic and affected by testosterone levels, which means it can’t be cleaned with traditional hair shampoo or soap. Hair shampoo will strip the beard of its natural oils, clogging pores and damaging the hair. These shampoos can make the itching worse

120 ml / 4.2 fl oz

The wash has a very gentle lather that is soft enough for your face and tough enough to handle curly, coarse beard hairs.


Saponified organic oils of Coconuts, Olive and Jojoba. Organic aloe vera, Organic rosemary extract, Coconut oil, Rice bran oil, Vegetable glycerin, Grapeseed oil, Castor oil, Safflower oil, Cedar wood essential oil, Guar gum, pine scotch essential oil, Vetiver essential oil, Rosemary essential oil  

How to use:

It will vary from beard to beard. Oilier beards may choose to use their beard shampoo 4-5 times per week. Work may play a big decision maker, for example; those of you that work outside doing manual labour, you may choose to wash your beard every other day. Or for those keyboard warriors out there, maybe twice a week. You’ll find what works best for you over time.

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