Honey, I'm Home

Premium Candles Medium


Honey, I'm Home candles offer a beautiful escape through their premium collection of hand-poured, 100% pure bee-soy candles. Offered in the scents - Autobiography, Doubleshot On Ice, Ink & Poetry, Letters to Rose, The Holiday, detailed below. 

Adventure  // Mountain flowers, Wild Berry & Crushed Salt
Autobiography // aged pipe tobacco 
Cupid  // Dollop of Vanilla
Divinity  //  Oud & Amber
Doubleshot On Ice // coffee 
Fireside // Spicy Amber, Pine & Cream
BeachWalk // Palm Leaves Pink Water Lilies & Coconut
Ink & Poetry // lavender & chamomile
Letters to Rose // Rose & Lychee
The Holiday // Apple Pie
Moonlit  // Meadows Jasmine of the Night
Peaceful Waters // Sea Salt, Lily & Orchids
Pure // Chrysanthemums & White Tea
Faith // Oud & Agarwood
Escape  //

270g / 42 hours of burn time

Made in Pakistan

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