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Lahore A Sentimental Journey Hardcover Urdu Edition

Lahore A Sentimental Journey Hardcover Urdu Edition

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Category:Biography & AutobiographyAutobiography-LiteraryAutobiography-Literary-Aul
Publisher: Ilqa Publications | ISBN: 9789696400745 | Pages: 241

Lahore: A Sentimental Journey was first published in 1993, in Pran Nevile s tribute to the land of his birth. This revised edition includes a chapter about his experiences at Government College, an epilogue and an afterword. Grounded in memory and redolent with nostalgia, Nevile s reminiscences transport the reader into the heart of Lahore as it was in the 1930s and 40s a city bustling with activity where people coexisted harmoniously, unfettered by considerations of religion, region or caste. From the riotous seasonal festivities of kite-flying to clandestine love-affairs on rooftops, from matinee shows at the cinema to twilight hours spent amongst the bejeweled dancing girls of Hira Mandi, Lahore emerges as a city of mesmerizing contradictions and chaotic splendour.

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