Honey, I'm Home

Luxury Candles - Winter Wishlist Limited Edition


Honey, I'm Home candles offer a beautiful escape through their luxury winter collection of hand-poured, 100% pure bee-soy candles. Offered in the scents - Emotion, Opulence & Escape detailed below. 

Emotion // Uncut Lily & Wild Carnation

Luxurious layers of intense, uncut lily with heart notes of wild carnation. The epitome of romance and vanity. Beware, it's highly addictive. 

Opulence // Oud, Tonka & Teakwood

A perennial favourite blend of the most intoxicating winter aromas. This season, let your senses immerse in this irresistible woody fragrance. It's truly unforgettable. 

Escape // English Rose & Oud

For you, a thousand times over. This scent makes you want to take the leap. A deeply intriguing combination of silken ivory rose petals & dark, resinous oud. 

 650g / 75 hours of burn time

Made in Pakistan

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