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Luxury Tea

Luxury Tea

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Our selection of delectable premium teas. 

Lady Grey - Ceylon Black Tea 80 g
Bergamot Oil ◌ Blue Cornflower 
Origin: Sri Lanka, China
A combination of Ceylon Black Tea & smooth Keemun, natural bergamot oil & blue cornflower, that renders a high quality twist to the traditional 'Earl Grey' experience. 
Well being: Refreshing
Caffeine: Approx. 27-35mg

Fire Place - Herbal Tea 110 g
Apple ◌ Cranberry ◌ Chilli 
Origin: Canada, USA, Thailand & Spain
A rich, caffeine-free infusion that bursts with fruity flavours and a chilli surprise! Whole Cloves and Star Anise balance this spicy affair to provide an unforgettable, enjoyable experience that stands apart. 
Well being: Contented
Caffeine: None 

Fortify - Luxury Green Tea 120 g
Hibiscus ◌ Rosehip
Origin: Sri Lanka 
A smooth combination of gunpowder leaf, naturally dried rosehip and hibiscus, create a slightly tart yet sweet astringency, accompanied by grassy notes; making for a fortifying cup of tea. 
Well being: Refreshing, Energising 
Caffeine: Approx. 20mg per cup

Meet Your Match - 100% Matcha Green Tea 70 g
Origin: Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
A complex, rich aromatic tea of the finest quality, that leaves an alluring sweetness post-drinking. 
Well being: Cleansing
Caffeine: Approx. 68 mg per cup 

Spice & Everything Nice - Sencha Green Tea 100 g
Cinnamon ◌ Cloves ◌ Anise Star  ◌ Citrus Fruit 
Origin: Hunan, China
Dried lemon & lime bits with revitalising green sencha leaves, blended with warm Christmas-y spices add depth & complexity to this cup of tea. 
Well being: Refreshing 
Caffeine: Approx. 20 mg per cup

Fruit & Flora - Luxury Rooibos 120 g 
Rose ◌ Currants ◌ Blueberries 
Origin: Cederberg, South Africa 
A medley of fruit and herbs combined with luxury rooibos, creates a tea that embodies a vivacious floral character. The soothing aroma of fresh Lavender perfectly compliments the sweet Rooibos and fruits to provide lingering moments of delight with every sip. 
Well being: Balancing 
Caffeine: None

Winter Sun - Luxury White Tea 70 g 
Juniper Berries ◌ Star Anise 
Origin: Fujian Province, China
Premium White Tea with a splash of juniper berry, cinnamon, star anise, complimented by apple & cranberry. An exquisite fruity taste with anise highlights a delightfully sweet aroma. This pale pink cuppa is sure to get the positivity vibes flowing. 
Well being: Comforting 
Caffeine: Approx. 10 mg per cup 
Pot of Gold - Herbal Tea 40 g
Egyptian Chamomile Tea
Origin: Nile River Delta, Egypt 
An infusion of chamomile flowers has long been reputed to calm the nerves. Clean and soothing, these Egyptian chamomile flowers boast a mellow honey-like aroma with gentle apple notes. Each sip lends a silky, smooth feel in the mouth, granting a unique tea experience. 
Well being: Relaxing 
Caffeine: None
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