Honey, I'm Home

Primary Candles - Winter Wishlist Limited Edition


Honey, I'm Home candles offer a beautiful escape through their primary winter collection of hand-poured, 100% pure bee-soy candles. Offered in the scents - Adventure, Memoir & Escape detailed below. 

Adventure // Mountain flowers, Wild Berry & Crushed Salt

Burst of flavour and colours of Amethyst in fruit spiked with crushed pink salt, finished with the crispness of mountain air fragrant of wild flowers. An absolute mystery encapsulated in scent. 

Memoir // Peony & Moss

A fragrance that resonates with time spent in London. The whiff of wet moss in a pillow-soft base of chiffon peony at the Royal Kew Gardens. A memory so deeply entwined, it's worth a love ballad.  

Escape // English Rose & Oud

For you, a thousand times over. This scent makes you want to take the leap. A deeply intriguing combination of silken ivory rose petals & dark, resinous oud. 

 190g / 32 hours of burn time

Made in Pakistan

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