Rise: Extraordinary Women of Colour who Changed the World


Rise celebrates the uplifting and inspiring stories of 100 remarkable women of colour. From the entrepreneur with a homemade marmalade business who went on to found Women World Banking, to the educator who built the first university in the world; and from the athlete who fled civil war on a sinking boat and then swam in the Olympics, to the first Black female astronaut, these trailblazers have risen above challenges to reach dizzying heights.

These scientists, entertainers, sportswomen, leaders, artists and activists hail from more than 40 countries. Past and present, famous and forgotten, they have worked both behind the scenes and under public scrutiny to make our world a better place.

Featuring stunning portrait illustrations by acclaimed artist Maliha Abidi, Rise reveals the creativity, resilience and bravery of these pioneers; essential reading for all.

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