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Tania's Teahouse

Magic Tea Steeper

Magic Tea Steeper

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Tania’s Teahouse serves their tea in unique 'magic tea steepers' which are spill-proof contraptions and custom-made; and one-of-a-kind!

A must-have product for any tea lover- Magic Tea Steepers are a spill-proof & hassle-free infusers that dispel water through the power of gravity from the bottom once you place them on top of a tea cup or mug. They're made from Tritan which is heat resistant, BPA-free, sustainable, and 100% recyclable.

PS- did you know these steepers retain more flavor than traditionally-used teapot materials?

They also wash really easily, and you can re-steep your teas in them up to 3 times!

The method of re-steeping is as follows: normally, depending on the type of tea & your personal preference of tea strength, you steep teas between 3-6 minutes, for the second steep double the time, and the third steep double that again so the flavor is well absorbed.

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