Mahnoor Malik

The house. It watches every move you make.

It watches," he added suddenly. "The house. It watches every move you make.” -The Haunting of Hill House
The spaces we occupy, even for a small amount of time, start to seep into us and we into them. No longer just a building, they morph into a direct extension of ourselves. A new house, with its shiny new surfaces and white-washed walls, feels unwelcoming because it is tentative, unsure, and as reluctant to us as we are to it. Whereas, an old home or an old building knows how to treat its inhabitants and its guests all too well, for it is seasoned, mature, and thus feels familiar.
I hold firmly the belief that places, especially homes, have a personality. A home, sees life, it sees loss, it sees hope and it sees death. It is inevitable that these energies would not be soaked up within the walls and would linger long after we’ve left.

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