About Us


Founded in 2014, Kayal started as an exploration into the dynamic world of modern living, contemporary design and timeless fashion. What started as an initial adventure into the craftsmanship of the artisan, grew to become a complex understanding of the web surrounding local manufacturing systems, ethical practices, garment science and design mindfulness. Kayal is proud to have embarked on a journey that continues to unfold, with more than fifty local brands as part of our repertoire— we aspire for consistency in quality, excellence in innovation and our ability to sustain our values.

Our fashion philosophy is built upon the notions of timelessness and thoughtfulness. The idea is for our pieces to be considered as collectible items, articles that you come back to after years or months—with the same longing and excitement as when you first laid hands on them. Our clothes are meant to make you feel connected to yourself, your highest most sensuous self. We aim for our women to embody a sense of freedom and ephmerality that we emanate in our intention up until the final stages of our production processes. The union of space, time and culture—all come together to inspire our designs and our work.

Our stores in both Karachi and Islamabad are meant to serve as an oasis in the otherwise busy streets of these cities. At Kayal, our focus on visual merchandising expands the experience of our customer to an elevated four dimensional experience with our space, allowing for a deeper connection between themselves and our environment. Our outlets aim to offer a multi-functional space to our audience, where we can support and promote the intersectionality of the arts in many ways possible. We constantly strive to create an engaging platform for the environment that surrounds us, bringing the creator and the consumer closer together, discovering the processes of exploration along the way.