Kayal is a cult lifestyle brand nestled in the heart of Islamabad. We curate for the modern consumer who is seeking connection with their heritage.

We collaborate with artisans and designers all across Pakistan to uncover  unique, innovative, authentic, interactive and high quality handmade products. At Kayal, we are crazy about design and product development.  We curate, edit, update, develop craft, thus creating product of high quality.

At Kayal we strive to maintain your sense of belonging to our heritage.This is why when you buy from us, you honor the craft, the maker, the designer and every single person involved in the process. While you support us, we make sure you get sophisticated product that is stylish yet entrenched in heritage.


A movement like ours need many voices. Hence we have liked minded designers who are also as crazy and committed about craft revival as us. We are involved in the journey of other makers, and it makes us realize how collective yet unique making is.  Making, creating brings us together while allowing us to be ourselves. We stand by this awareness of being unique, of being ourselves, which is the backbone of our work, as a maker and designer, creative director and stylist.

Our approach is three fold

Creating economic opportunity

We create products to provide sustainable work for the artisans and slowly grow our outreach.

Supporting other makers: We have more than 50 small businesses who make speciality products  All these makers are core part of Kayal and how we operate.

Changing Perspectives: We are making craft cool again not just for average Pakistani but also globally.